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玉凤 Hong Yok [Thai movie]

I have found this movie for long time.
Now I got it, and would like to share you guy who have never seen before :loveliness:

:: Hong Yok :: (Almost 30 years ago)
[ The meaning of the Title is "Jade Swan" ]

Hong Yok (Hong) : Michelle
Vittaya : Solaphong Chatee (Thai actor)

the poster
Her name written in Thai.

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Firstly, Say sorry for the poor qualification.

ok Let's see

For the translation, She's oarsman who has Thai father and Chinese mother.
She understand what the man accost her, and cause the hatred to him.

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But the man fall in love to Hong and would like to say sorry to her.
By the way, Hong's family hate Thai people because her father leave her when she was young.
At that point, The man must mimic himself by acting as a Chinese traditional doctor.

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Finally, The man reveal his mind to her and tell her why he must mimic himself.

Firstly, she can't forgive him but ..
Because the man said " I Love You ". So, she ... :hahx:

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Miss him ?:lol
Like this :haa: hahahaha

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The man asks Hong for the answer ..
Can u guess for the answer? :hc
She acts like this :$

nU-firsT 发表于 2011-11-18 02:04:57
And now .. She falls in love :hc2:
Always miss him even He gets in the boat, she doesn't know :hahx:

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wow。。。only photos?have no movie?

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But when her mother knows this relationship, she doesn't allow her to love him because she afraid Thai man (Hong's father) who has leaved her before.
She gave Hong a Jade swan necklace which is Hong's father gave Hong's mother before he leaves as a reminder.
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