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This piece of information is compiled and written by Tracey & Yin from www.michelleclan.com for the purpose of putting up Wikipedia, and plagiarism is DISALLOWED! Please seek for the author's permission (which is me!) if you wish to repost it somewhere else. Thank You!


Michelle Yim (Chinese name: 米雪) (Christian name: Catherina Yim, born September 2, 1955) is a Hong Kong actress. She graduated from ST. ROSE OF LIMA'S COLLEGE and Shaw Brothers' Training School.


Early life and career

Born a Virgo, Michelle had shown great interest in the performing arts since young. With encouragement from her mother, the fourteen-year-old Michelle decided to sign up for the acting classes with the then Shaw Brothers' Training School. On several occasions, she was given minor roles in Chinese movies and she took them seriously.

After graduating from both secondary and training school, Michelle continued to stay in the movie industry to expand her career.  

In 1975, she joined the Commercial Television (CTV), and began her journey onto the television circles. .  

In 1976, Michelle took part in Legend of the Condor Heroes, a period drama which was adapted from the famous swordplay novelist, Louis Cha. For the first time, the young girl took up the role as a female lead, portraying the character named Wong Yung. With her sweet and lovely looks and marvelous acting, this drama not only shot her into the limelight, but also created the first hundred million ratings in the television history. From there, Michelle was named the "first and ever Wong Yung", and her popularity swept across Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and other southeast countries. Since then, she had been awarded the Top Ten Artiste Award for several years.

With the closure of CTV in 1978, Michelle became a contract-free actress, and many companies were vying to sign her up. One of the companies, Television Broadcasts (TVB) managed to invite her to guest-star in one of the period drama, The Twins, which later become one of her best works. During that period, her focus was on movies and stage performances, and thus audience rarely saw her on tv.

Career: the 1980s and 1990s

During the 80s, Michelle signed and joined Rediffusion Television or RTV (former ATV). At there, she acted in several well-known drama serials, such as The Dynasty (co-starring Alex Man), The Radical City, The Taichi Master (co-starring Alex Man), Princess Cheung Ping (co-starring Damian Lau), Legendary Fok (co-starring Wong Yuen Sun) and more, earning her the title of the Princess of Wuxia Drama. In the golden days of HK drama serials, she is in fact the queen of the RTV, who has always been a guarantee for high ratings and commend for her and her drama.

After her contract with RTV terminated, Michelle was once again a contract-free actress, and this allowed her to work for the two companies (TVB and ATV) more easily. However, such situation is considered rare due to the intense competition between the two broadcasts companies (TVB and ATV). Thus, it is amazing that Michelle could create such marvels. Examples like The Legend of Master So (co-starring Chow Yun Fat) and Tiger Hill Trail (co-starring Lawrence Ng Wai Kok) are still fondly remembered by the Chinese, especially the latter.

Other than movies and dramas, she has never failed to try new things. In 1982, she was invited by the famous singer, Roman Tam to perform in a musical play called Madame White Snake, portraying the role as a Green Snake. The casts included renowned figures like Roman Tam and Liza Wang. The responses were tremendous, and the trio was asked to perform in several large events on different occasions.

In 1985, Michelle returned to ATV and agreed to film a certain number of drama serials a year as part of her filming contract. At the same year, together with Damian Lau, she filmed a period drama (Chronicles of the Shadow Swordman) adapted from the famous swordplay novelist, Leung Yu Sang. This drama received many praises and critical acclaims of their impressive performances, pushing them into next higher point. Since then, both were entitled the name of Best Onscreen Couples/Lovebirds, and collaborated in many drama serials. Till now, they are still recognized as the best and ever duo in television industry.

In 1990, Michelle performed another musical play, Cyrano De Bergerac, a story adapted from the French literature. Her partner was Adam Cheng. This play had undeniably widened her exposure to the performing arts, and allowed her to take part more in the musical play in the future.

Michelle signed a filming contract with TVB in 1993, acting in a 300 more over episodes sitcom, Mind Our Own Business. Together with the casts, she performed in another musical play (The Flirty Doctor) again. Not only that, she was involved in a musical play (I Have A Date With Spring) with Alice Lau Nga Lai as well.

If the 80s are considered her toiling years, then 90s will be her relaxing period. She slowed down her pace, and only took part in some sitcoms while accompanying her family migrating overseas. She changed her lifestyle, and took up interest of learning zither and paintings. Other than that, she involved herself in charity works too. Hence, there was a period that people thought that she had retired from the entertainment circles.

Recent career

In 2001, TVB invited her to cast in Louis Cha's another wuxia drama, The Heavenly Sword Dragon Saber. Her partner was no other than Damian Lau. This time round, Michelle acted as a young and willful demon girl Yan So So who fell in love with the Damian's swordman. Their performances were incredibly excellent, and both were praised and applauded for their wonderful actings. Especially Michelle, who was already forty-over then and yet, can portray the twenty-year-old girl so beautifully. As such, she won the name of The Forever Youthful, and was recognized of her everlasting beauty till today.

After the year 2000, she is actively involved in several shows, including filming for drama serials, dancing, musical play, game shows, and even cooperated with overseas broadcasts companies. Cash Is King (in 2002) and The Rainbow Connection (in 2005) showed good examples.  Not only acting, she has also hosted in programmes such as On The Road and Life In Frame I & II. Both programmes received well-response, and the former was even awarded TVB's The Most Innovative Programme during 2006.   

Michelle's upcoming drama serial, Moonlight Resonance (Heart of Greed II) will soon air in TVB at 28th July 2008. In this TVB's blockbuster serial, she portrays the villainous second wife who plots to have the family separated. Her performance in this serial has won her many praises and recognition, making her acting career peak once again. With the outstanding role and excellent acting skills, Michelle won the Best Actress in the TVB Anniversary Awards 2008. In the final episode of Moonlight Resonance which has the rating of over 47, the drama reached its peak at 50 rating during the scene when Yan Hung (character portrayed by Michelle Yim) slapped her daughter and shouted angrily to everyone present in her house.

Author: Tracey @ www.michelleclan.com

The Wikipedia page we've written to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michelle_Yim

And Credits to: Waiwai @ www.michelleclan.com
Thank you so much for the great info that you've gathered and compiled!!
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米雪Michelle Yim,1955年9月2日)原名嚴惠玲,生於香港,祖籍廣東省東莞,香港女演員。她畢業於香港聖羅撒書院卲氏影視藝員訓練班。她是曹達華的乾女兒,男友為足球員尹志強,現為無綫電視代理人合約女藝員。於2008年,憑《溏心風暴之家好月圓》的殷紅一角奪得無綫電視2008年萬千星輝頒獎典禮的最佳女主角殊榮。


















作者:嫣澄 @ www.michelleclan.com




1975: Ups and Downs《樓上樓下》(CTV)
1976: Saga of Sui & Tang Dynasty《隋唐風云》(CTV)
1976: Legend of the Condor Heroes 《射雕英雄传》(CTV)
1976: Return of the Condor Heroes 《神雕侠侣》(CTV)
1976: Heroes From Guangdong 《廣東好漢》(CTV)
1976: Blindness 《雌雄金剛之盲禍》(CTV)
1977: Small VS Big《細魚食大魚》(CTV)
1977: Side Story of the Pugilistic World《武林外史》(CTV)
1977: Yee Pik Wan Tian《義薄雲天》(CTV)
1977: Dream of the Red Chamber 《紅樓夢》(CTV)
1978: Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 《雪山飛狐》(CTV)
1978: Love Affairs 《名流情史》(CTV)
1978: The Wind and Thunderous Sabre《風雷第一刀》(CTV) CTV was closed before this was aired.  
1979: The Twins 《绝代双驕》(TVB)
1980: On the Waterfront 《湖海争霸录》(RTV)
1980: The Dynasty 《大内群英》(RTV)
1980: Fatherland (II) - Radical City 《大地恩情之古都惊雷》(RTV)
1980: Tai Chi Master 《太極張三豐》(RTV)
1981: The Coma 《大昏迷》(RTV)
1981: Princess Cheung Ping 《武俠帝女花》(RTV)
1981: Legendary Fok 《大俠霍元甲》(RTV)
1982: Hong Kong'82 《香港82》(TVB) Guest-star
1982: The Legend of Master So 《蘇乞兒》(TVB)
1983: Tiger Hill Trail 《再向虎山行》(ATV)
1983: Heroes from Zhujiang 《珠江群龍》(ATV)
1984: The Undercover Agents 《四大名捕》(ATV)
1984: Below The Lion Rock《獅子山下之落雨擔遮》(RTHK)
1984: Miracle of the Orient I《香江歲月1》(RTHK)
1984: The New Adventure of Chor Lau Heung 《楚留香新傳之新月傳奇》(China Television or CTV)
1985: Chronicles of the Shadow Swordman 《萍蹤俠影錄》(ATV)
1985: Romance of the Maples Leaves 《楓葉盟》(TTV)
1985: The Legendary Prime Minister - Zhuge Liang 《诸葛亮》(ATV)
1986: The Rise of the Great Wall - Emperor Qin 《秦始皇》(ATV)
1986: The Royal Sword 《金劍神傳》(Taiwan Production)
1986: Lady C.I.D 《柔情點三八》(ATV)
1987: Laugh In The Sleeve 《啼笑姻緣》(ATV)
1988: The Formidable Lady From Shaolin 《少林與詠春》(TVB)
1988: Law and Order 《法網柔情》(ATV)
1988: Storm In October《十月風暴》(ATV)
1988: August Scent 《八月桂花香》(TTV)
1989: Lady Enforcer 《皇家儷人》(ATV)
1990: Heaven's Retribution 《還看今朝》(ATV) Guest-star
1990: The Rise and Fall of Qing Dynasty (III) - Bloodshed Over the Forbidden City 《血染紫禁城》(ATV)
1990: Last Song for Killer《殺手輓歌》(ATV)
1991: The Good Fella From Temple Street 《廟街豪情》(ATV)
1991: Legend of A Beauty 《一代天驕》(Singapore SBC)
1992: Queen of the Opera《香港傳奇人物之天之嬌女》(ATV)
1992: Casanova In China 《伯虎为卿狂》(ATV)
1992: AIDS Carrier《性本善之帶菌者》(RTHK)
1992: Return To The Truth 《還我今生》(ATV)
1992: Mythical Crane and Magical Needle 92《仙鹤神针》(ATV) Guest-star
1993: CYC Family 《CYC家族》
1993: Mind Our Own Business 《開心華之里》 (TVB)
1995: Down Memory Lane 《萬里長情》 (TVB)
1995: Justice Pao 《包青天之滄海月明珠有淚》 (ATV)
1996: Justice Pao 《包青天之忘情酒坊》 (TVB)
1996: King of Gambler 《千王之王重出江湖》 (ATV)
1996: Miracle of the Orient II 《香江歲月II》 (RTHK)
1997: The Snow Is Red 《雪花神劍》 (ATV)
1998: 《警匪較量珠三角》(Mainland China)
2000: Bond of Friendship 《人間友情》(Malaysia HVD Production)
2001: Reaching Out 《美麗人生》(TVB)
2001: The Heaven Sword & The Dragon Sabre 2000《倚天屠龍記》(TVB)
2002: Cash Is King 《勝券在握》(Singapore SPH Mediaworks)
2004: Venture Against Time 《子是故人來》(ATV)
2005: The Academy 《學警雄心》(TVB)
2005: The Rainbow Connection 《舞出彩虹》(Singapore Mediacorp)
2005: The Gentle Crackdown《秀才遇着兵》(TVB)
2005: Into Thin Air 《人間蒸發》(TVB)
2007: The Brink of Law 《突圍行動》(TVB)
2007: Heart of Greed 《溏心風暴》(TVB)
2007: On The First Beat 《学警出更》(TVB)
2007: ICAC 2007 《廉政行動2007之空卡》(TVB)
2008: Moonlight Resonance 《家好月圓》(TVB)
2009: Flower In The Wind《锁清秋》(Mainland China)
2009: Beyond The Realm of Conscience 《宮心計》(TVB)
2010: Pretty Maid《大丫环》(Mainland China)
2010: The Season of Fate 《五味人生》(TVB)
2010: The Story of Ah Xi 《阿喜》(Mainland China)
2010: Beauty Knows No Pain 《女人最痛》(TVB)
2010: Show Me The Happy 《依家有喜》(TVB)
2011: Chronicles of the Shadow Swordman 2010 《新萍踪侠影》(Mainland China)

Pardon me for the incompleteness of "the Dramas" as I need time to search for their english names. Please enlighten me if you have any sources to the names or if I have written wrongly.
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Thanks Tracey & Yin

何不放上wikipedia 那條link,好讓大家過去看看?
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原帖由 waiwai 于 2008-7-7 00:23 发表
Thanks Tracey & Yin

何不放上wikipedia 那條link,好讓大家過去看看?

Ok. I've put up the link.
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1973: Black Guide 《黑人物》
1974: Evidence 《鐵証》
1976: Thousand Miles Escort 《劍霜刃》
1977: Ironside 426 《四二六》Air on 20 Oct 1977
1977: The 36 Crazy Fists 《三十六迷形拳》也称《笑林三十六房》
1977: The Dream of the Red Chamber 《金玉良緣紅樓夢》Air on 26 Oct 1977
1978: Edge of Fury 《黑色家變》也稱《撈家撈女撈上撈》Air on 23 Feb 1978
1978: Ten Tigers of Shaolin 《廣東十虎》Air on 11 April 1978
1978: Funny Kungfu 《密十至尊》
1978: Bruce Lee's Fists of Vengeance 《大報復》
1978: Funny Kungfu 《密十至尊》
1979: Fist of Fury 3 《截拳鷹爪功》Air on 4 May 1979
1979: He Who Never Dies 《大命小子》Air on 12 May 1979
1979: Chilvary of Conspiracy 《陸小鳳與西門吹雪》
1979: Kungfu Vs Yoga 《老鼠拉龜》Air on 21 June 1979
1979: Twins of Kungfu 《痴鳳傻龍》也稱《猛龍福星》Air on June 1979
1979: The Butterfly Murders 《蝶變》Air on 20 July 1979
1979: Crazy Hustlers 《懵仔傻妹妙偵探》Air on 21 Sept 1979
1979: Jade Phoenix 《玉鳳》Thailand Movies
1979: Read Lips 《孖寶闖八關》Guest-star
1980: The Mortal Storm 《風塵》
1980: The Final Duel 《決戰》也稱《密樑》Thailand Movie
1980: The Desperate Trio 《爛命一條》
1980: The Star, the Rogue, and the Kung Fu Kid 《武師,花旦,大流氓》
1980: We're Going To Eat You 《地獄無門》Air on 2 April 1980
1981: The Mad, Mad, Mad Sailors 《大力小水手》Guest-star
1981: The Ambitious Kungfu Girl 《紅粉動江湖》
1981: The Prohibited Area 《阿燦有難》
1984: The Return of Pom Pom 《雙龍出海》Guest-star, Air on 22 June 1984
1984: And Now, What's Your Name 《先生貴姓》Air on 25 July 1984
1984: Dress Off For Life 《一脫求生》Air on 17 Nov 1984
2003: Dragon Loaded 2003 《龍咁威2003》Guest-star, Air on 21 Aug 2003
2004: Moving Targets 《2004新紮師兄》Guest-star, Air on 1 May 2004
2004: When Beckham Met Owen 《當碧咸遇上奧雲》Guest-star, Air on 30 Sept 2004
2005: Abnormal Beauty 《死亡寫真》Guest-star, Air on 11 April 2005
2005: New Born 《天地孩兒》Guest-star, Air on 25 August 2005
2007: Naraka 19 《地獄第19層》Guest-star, Air on 2 Aug 2007
2008: Playboy Cops 《花花型警》Guest-star, Air on 28 Feb 2008
2008: High Noon 《烈日當空》Guest-star, Air on 06 Nov 2008
2011: Perfect Rivals 《美好冤家》Guest-star, Air on 17 Mar 2011

Some of the infos are from Hong Kong Movie Database. http://www.hkmdb.com/db/people/v ... mp;display_set=big5
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哇! TRACEY姐很厉害. 你能够把米米的一切写出来. 佩服佩服.
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Musical Stage Performance
1982: Madame White Snake 《白蛇傳》 first performed at March
1990: Cyrano De Bergerac 《美人如玉劍如虹》performed at June
1992: 《天女散華》 performed at 25 July
1995: The Flirty Doctor《風流醫生手尾長》performed at 16 March - 31 March
1995: I Have A Date With Spring 《我和春天有個約會》first performed at June
1996: Hu Du Men 《虎度門》performed at 17 Oct
2001: The Butterfly Lovers 《梁祝》guest-star, performed at 16 Nov

Music Televisions
1996: The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 《倚天屠龍記》as 趙敏
1996: Huang Di Zi Sun (alias: Zu Mountain)《黃帝子孫》as 瑤池堡主

1977: Take You Travel the World 《帶你游世界》
1986: Future Idol Contest Semi-Finals《未來偶像爭霸戰》準決賽
1986: Future Idol Contest Finals 《未來偶像爭霸戰》總決賽
2003: Senior Citizens' Club《資深市民俱樂部》
2004: Police Report 《警訊》
2006: On The Road I 《向世界出發I》
2007: CNY Wisdoms 《新春豬事町》
2007: Simple Wisdoms 《周身法寶》
2007: Life in Frame I 《光影流情I》
2008: Wing On Travel's Hunan Show 《美景“湘”輝》
2008: CNY Wisdoms 《開心迎戊子》
2008: Life in Frame II 《光影流情II》


Other Performances
1982: Miss Hong Kong Pageant Semi-Finals 《香港小姐準決賽》表演嘉賓
1985: Miss Asia Pageant Finals 《亞洲小姐決賽》表演嘉賓
1986: Expo'86 《86。博覽。溫哥華》
1987: Liza Wang's Decade Show《廿載情》
1987: Super Model Contest《超級模特兒選舉》表演嘉賓
1987: Malaysian Night 《馬來西亞巨星之夜》表演耍大旗、唱歌
1988: Dragon's Summer Concert 《龍之夏演唱會》
1989: Miss International Pageant Contest 《國際小姐選舉》表演嘉賓    仿唐舞《妃仙傳說》
1990: ATV Anniversary 《ATV台慶》耍劍
1991: Charity Night《眾志成城為公益》
1995: Cantonese Opera 《金鑽群星帝女花》演迎鳳和上表兩節
1996: ATV's Charity Night 《菩提仁美顯愛心》與謝雪心演出紫釵記
2000: Enjoy Yourself Tonight 《歡樂今宵》和王天麗合唱黃梅調《戲鳳》
2001: 《名曲滿天星》
2004: Singapore NKF Charity Night
2006: Shanghai's Dancing Competition 《上海舞林大會初賽》
2006: Shanghai's Dancing Competition Semi-Finals 《上海舞林大會複賽》
2007: 《讓愛飛揚慈善音樂會》籌款活動  表演古箏
2007: 《回歸節目》同一首歌   獻唱:「甜蜜蜜」
2007: 《舞動奇蹟》  第一場   由參賽轉為評審
2007: 《舞動奇蹟》  第二場
2007: 《歡樂滿東華》籌款演出
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